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Whether you are a Pastry Chef or a housewife. A very useful French Kitchen worktable that every home needs




Your bed should feel like a relaxing sanctuary where you can unwind, rest, and reset. But how do you get that feeling? By curating your bedding and accessories, you can create a cohesive look that excels in both comfort and style. From bed layering techniques to the very last throw pillow, read on to learn our pro tips and advice for how to style a bed the modern way.


Start with high-quality bedding

Loving how your bed feels is just as important as how it’s styled. When picking out bedding material, remember that different fabrics are better for different types of sleepers. Linen gives you the most laid-back look and naturally regulates body temperature, so it’s perfect for keeping warm sleepers cool and vice versa. Cotton percale is a nice all-season choice that’s crisp and cool to the touch, while hemp and flax feel light and airy similar to linen. Keep reading to learn about our different bedding materials and find the perfect one for you.

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